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Selected Parcel: 22-05.0-183-002
Location: 1910 WIGGINS AVE

Assessment Complaint

Board of Review Assessment Complaint Instructions

The Sangamon County Board of Review convenes each year by July 1. Five (5) copies of assessment complaint documents and accompanying evidence may be filed with the board of review beginning July 1 but no later than 30 days after the date of publication of the township assessor's changes. Assessment complaints filed during a calendar year may affect the property tax bill issued in the following calendar year.

Reasons to file a Board of Review Assessment Complaint

  • You have called and discussed your assessment with your local Township Assessor and are not able to reach an agreement on your property's value.
  • You recently purchased your home (within the past 12 - 18 months) and paid less than the assessor's indicated fair market value.
  • You have retained a licensed appraiser (within past 12 - 18 months) whose report shows a current fair market value that is less than the assessor's indicated fair market value.
  • Comparable properties within your neighborhood are currently assessed for less per square foot of living area than your property.
  • Comparable properties within your neighborhood have recently sold (within past 12 - 18 months) for a lower value per square foot than the assessor's indicated fair market value of your property.
  • Your property has suffered a loss in value due to documented circumstances and you have written estimates of the loss in value, the cost to repair or replace and date stamped photographic proof of this event.

Steps to follow to file a Board of Review Assessment Complaint

  1. Call your local township assessor and discuss your opinion of value with him/her. If they agree with you and are willing to revise their valuation numbers, ask for written confirmation. Follow up with them to confirm the change as you discussed. Watch the local newspaper for the legal notice publication of your township's assessments changes and verify that your value change is listed. If not changed, continue to step 2. If you are unable to reach your assessor, file a Board of Review Assessment Complaint.
  2. Print the "Assessment Complaint Form" and "Assessment Complaint Procedures" documents using the links below. If you are basing your opinion of value on the recent purchase (within past 12 - 18 months) of an owner occupied dwelling, also print the "Affidavit of Hearing Waver Form". If you are basing your opinion of value on comparable property assessments or sales data, print the "Comparable Grid" Form.
  3. Please take time to read the "Assessment Complaint Form", "Assessment Complaint Procedures" and any other associated forms before you begin filling them out and call us at (217) 753-6805 if you have any questions. Our office staff is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Except during legal holidays or when the County Complex is otherwise closed.)
  4. After completing the "Assessment Complaint Form" and compiling all associated documents, collate 5 additional sets of these, keep one set for yourself and return 5 sets to our office (the original and 4 copy sets).
  5. The Board of Review will contact the township assessor to review your appeal. If an agreement can be reached with the assessor, the Board may stipulate to your value. If not, you may either be contacted by the Clerk of the Board to negotiate an agreed upon value or you will receive a notice of hearing, listing the location, date and time of the hearing. Hearings are normally concluded by mid-February.


Assessment Complaint Form
Assessment Complaint Procedures
Comparable Grid
Affidavit of Hearing Waiver Form
Request to Withdraw Assessment Complaint
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